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Connie Vancil
Audrey -  What a great &
funny story... just love it!
Playboy Bailey Beachbunny &
Rich Passenger Bella
Can't BELIEVE how
great this is!
Nancy Beavers
Great job Audrey!
Lisa and Kramer
Dear Auntie Audrey,
Thank yee
Lubs, Jake Rocheleau
Sherry Carroll
Kudos to Audrey!
Love, Stella, the Wheaten
Judy Beck and Flynn
Wow, what fun! I'm enjoying
the cruise, and I hope to
catch those thieves.
Kodi - Private Investigator
Love the Cruise!
Dasher and Killian
This is so neat.
We just love it.
Bristol, Guinness, Kansas
and Savannah
Such Fun!
Carrie and Max the Playboy
Good luck from all us Paulians
Thanks Audie!! We love the
story and hope that Jessie
finds her rich husband.
Michele, Jessie & Erin from
We're having such a great
time on the cruise!
Ryle & Rose Baldwin
What an adventure! We just
love it!
Cheri and Truman
Thank you for the wonderful
story. The photos are
XOXO Linda, Riley & Lilly
(who stayed home)
Dear Auntie Aud,
It's so much fun going on
the cruise! Thank you for all
your hard work.
With love, Maddie and
Felicity (next time can I
come to?)
What a wonderful talent you
Love, Suzanne, Rooney &
We love you!
Iris & Tobey
From Jimmy, and his dad,
The Cruise is wunnerful,
wunnerful, wunnerful! Abby &
Cody will be taking the next
Cruise, too! I can't wait!
Kathy in Iowa
Great job Audie
Murphy Vancil
Audrey does such a good job!!
Keep up the good work
Lydia Kearney
Thanks Audie, for an
exciting cruise!!
Ann, Phoebe and Desi
Darlene Ghents
Lynne Spooner
We really enjoy the cruise
this year. Dillon is a very
handsome Captain. Thanks,
Becky, Mike and Dillon
Wolfe in Houston!
Lorraine White
Audie you do such fantastic
work. We love it!
Gloria, Bristol, Guinness,
Kansas, Dakota and Kenyon
Ann Kaat
In loving memory of our
little Aussie Actress,
MADDIE, from your Aunt
We are having a great time
on the cruise!!!!!

Rudy (I don't really like to
swim but I do like the girls),
and Tess (I'm not really a
dumb blonde, I'm just
Thanks for making us look so
Henry, Tipper and Stella
Thanks Audie for a great
trip to Hawaii!!
Becky, Rudy & Tess in
Thank you so very much for
sharing your gift and
including our little ones on
such a wonderful adventure!
Juey, Griffin & Sydney
Deb Holderman
We love you Audie,
Iris & Tobey
Love to Audrey,
from Jimmy (luv the tux)
John Dawidowicz
Nancy Schafers
Paula Kruk
Kathy & Cliff in Iowa
Deirdra Baldwin
Thanks Audie & Wendy for a
terrific cruise!!! We hope to
go on the next one.
Rudy & Tess Austin
Paula Kruk
You made our hearts sing,
Audie.  THANK YOU!
Iris & Tobey
Great job, Audie!
Your friend,
Murphy Vancil
Audrey, this is such fun!
Willam Dixon
Great job! I know Harry will
enjoy the trip :o)
Gloria, Bristol, Guinness,
Kansas, and Queenie
You are truly amazing,
Sharla Bailey
Thanks Audie & Wendy for
all the hard work!!!  
Becky, Rudy & Tess
Great chapter Audrey!
Willam Dixon
Lynne Spooner
Darlene Ghents
Darlene Ghents
Audrey is a magician. How
fun is this? I never knew
Punky Brewster was an alto!
Thanks and keep up the good
Shari Schlesinger
Norma Bowman
Jeanne Donnan
Iris Selig
Audie, you're the BEST!
Judy, Griffin & Sydney
Master Nigel Paddington
Dasher Dan
Deb, Brandi, Nikki & Jethro
Miss Killian O'Kaycee
Darlene Ghents
Judy Nemeth
Ann Kaat
Love to Audie, from Jimmy
and his guy, Lloyd
great work! & cute pics.
Poh Lin Kiser
Wow, it just gets better
and better!
Jeanne Donnan
Kudos Audie! I know I'm
biased but Stella's pics are
the greatest!  The blue
dress one...killing me!
Jennifer Plumb
Great work! Sheeba loves
the pics of all the wheaties
that looks like her
Poh Lin Kiser
You've outdone yourself on
this chapter.  
Absolutely awesome!
Dennis Gravatt
Darlene Ghents
Henry Kreibick
Debra Holderman
Thanks Audie!! We love to
cruise with you!  
Becky, Rudy & Tess Austin
In honor of Audie's birthday
with love from Mary,
Morgan, Tucker, & Brady
Thank you Audrey, Love,
Maria & Bailey
Judy Glenn
In memory of Murphy and
Sydney. And to honor Audrey
Connie Vancil
In loving memory of
Audrey Plowes
What a wonderful cruise,
Audrey. In tribute to
Murphy and Sydney
Nancy Schafers
Donna J De La Rosa
Great cruise, Your buddy,
Murphy Vancil
To view the Cruises, please click
In loving memory of
Audrey Plowes
For Audie, Liam and the
girls.  Thanks for the
stories,Liam.  Connie and
Murphy Lake St. Louis
Topaz, Killian, Dasher
and Katie
Great cruise, Your buddy,
Murphy Vancil
Great job Audie.
Connie Vancil
With love from Jimmy and
his dad, Lloyd
Thank you Audie
Love Murphy Vancil
Thank you Audie!  Emma is
enjoying her adventure!
Audie, Wow! This is a great
cruise! We are enjoying it so
much! Thanks for all you do,
Leslie,Katie & Molly
Monica Buchwald
Topaz, Killian,
Dasher & Katie
Darlene Ghents
Thanks Audie!!  Hope we
can cruise again with
you really soon!!  
Rudy & Tess Austin
Thank you Audie for the
wonderful Adventures!!
Tiffany and HRH Emma
Thank you Audie for the
wonderful Adventures!!
Tiffany and HRH Emma
Thank you Audie for the
wonderful Adventures!!
Tiffany and HRH Emma
Great Job, Audie!
Joan, Dave & Darcy
Your love shines through,
Aud.  There is no one like
you!!  Kim and MacKenzie
Gail Munroe
The cruise is spectacular
Audie. Thanks for everything!
Kathy in Iowa
Lynne Ennis
Thanks for making our "Mr.
Personality" such a star!
Stacy, Chad, Tyler,
Brendon, and Blake Jackson
Brandy & Shana putting
their paws together for a
thrilling cruise.
Love the cruise!
Karren Berglund
We are so enjoying all the
cruises! Audie, you are so
talented & gifted!
Leslie,Katie & Molly
Great Job Audie
And Get Well
Murphy Vancil
We love you and your
wonderful cruises! Sorry to
hear you're sick...praying
that you'll be well soon!
Missy, Bailey Beachboy &
Bella Beachbunny
Susan Castle
Thanks Audie
Murphy Vancil
They get better & better.
You're the BEST!
Iris & Tobey in Maine
Karen Grauzlis
Maria Rocheleau
Marie Molter
Jeannie Pierson
Not just a star, the pot of
gold at the end of the
rainbow! Much love,
Iris & Tobey
Topaz, Dasher & Katie
Thanks for all of your hard
work. Wonderful last
Cheri Lippstone and Truman
Leslie Steis
Especially for Abby,
Thanks for the memories!
Kathy, Cliff & Cody
David Rollins
Ann Kaat
Leslie Steis
Wonderful work Aud! Nico
wants on the next one,
as a dingy playboy!
Kim, MacKenzie and Nico
Thanks for all of your hard
work. Wonderful last
Cheri Lippstone and Truman
Leslie Steis
Jake, Gidget, & Chloe loved
meeting all the pups on that
wonderful cruise!
Maria Rocheleau
Karren Bergland
You saved the best for last!
Love, Iris & Tobey
Audie, everything you do is
wonderful. I really enjoyed
your adding of "This Is
My Song" for the "world"
to see and hear.
Just, again, wonderful.
Donna, Boomer,
& Kelsie Girl !
In loving memory of sweet
KILLIAN From Audie and
the Gang.
Dinah Swinehart
Iris Selig
For Audie and Topaz and
Killean from Murphy Vancil
Nancy Schafers
Kimberly Williams
Margaret Marion
Lorraine White
David Rollins
Loved the great new story
-- Topaz, Dasher and Katie
Fabulous!!! Love it!
Dinah Swinehart
Awesome Audie! Love, Karen,
Rudee and Kelsie
Karen Grauzlis
Darlene Ghents
Kimberly Williams
Audie, What an amazing job!
Katie & Molly are having the
time of their lives! Thank
you for all you do!!!
Leslie Steis
Barbara Ivey
Norma Bowman
Thank you Audie for allowing
all three of our wonderful
fur babies to sail together!
Stacy, Chad, Tyler,
Brendon, Blake, Hurley,
Annie, and Becky... or
better known as the Jackson
8! We love your stories and
cant wait to see whats next!
Jeannie Pierson
Debra Terrell Welborn
Barbara Ivey
Kimberly Williams
In loving memory of
my sweet Colleen
Audrey Plowes
David Rollins
In memory of Audie's
sweet Colleen!
Dinah and Sallee Brock
Great job Audie!
Love, Sue and Eoin
Great job Audie!
Love, Sue & Eoin
Thanks Audie! I am having a
great time on the cruise,
and my Mom loves reading
about our adventures!
Eoin (and my Mom)
Kimberly Williams
In honour of every dog who
ever sailed with the
Wheaten Princess
Audrey Plowes
In honor of Audrey Plowes
whose brilliant stars light
the way home. Love from
Iris & Tobey
In appreciation of Audrey's
efforts to bring in funding
for S'Wheat Rescues.
Thanks for all the trips Lt
Abby and Cody took with
you! - Kathy Salmons
Topaz, Katie and Dasher!
Audie, You are truly
amazing! Thank you for giving
us such a beautiful final
chapter. With love always,
Karen, Rudee, Kelsie,
Meg and Milo
What a beautiful story that
has touched my heart.
Audie, you have outdone
yourself! Thank you from
the bottom of my heart
for all you do for our
dear Wheatens!
Love, Sue and Eoin
Audie, Thank you so much
for the cruises. They have
all been such a joy to read.
Having Budley in this last
one meant so much to me
and I am glad you were able
to use the London pics.
Margaret Marion
We love you, Audie! You are
a treasure. Thanks for all
of your amazing work.
Joan, Dave, Darcy & Barklee
Kimberly Williams
Thank you so much Audie for
this beautiful and memorable
final cruise! And, for all the
amazing things you do for
this group! XO
Leslie Steis