Wendy Wheaton Cusick
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Chewy is a male Wheatable
His DOB is 5/29/11

Chewy is a owner turn-in. He has skin
allergies and is heartworm positive.

Some info from the former owner:
"Chewy was basically dumped on us by a
friend of my son's, who said she needed
a temporary home for him.  After she left
him at our house we learned that her
mother was going to send him to the
pound due to his persistent skin issues.  
In the end, we kept him because our dog
liked the company. Because of my
husband's allergies, our dog had been
primarily an outdoor dog except in cold
weather.  He was a happy, even-
tempered dog who was very content
outdoors, even preferring to be
outdoors.  We had to have him put to
sleep a couple of months ago, and now
Chewy is miserable.  He does not have
the temperament to be an outdoor dog.  
He is very lonely and wants to be with
people all the time.  We have indoor cats
and the one time he came in and saw
one he almost tore the house apart, so
even if allergies were not a problem he
could not be inside. His skin allergies
got better with treatment although he
would get hot spots off and on, but
since our other dog died they have
gotten worse again.  He scratches
constantly and is losing fur.  I am afraid
to put him up for adoption just anywhere
for fear that he will end up in the pound."

S'Wheat Rescues has incurred
significant vet bills for Chewy for
heartworm treatment and treating his
skin issues. Angel donations would
be very much appreciated to help
with his veterinary bills. Please click
on the Wheaten Angel on the top
right of this page if you can help!

Chewy is neutered and is up to
date on shots. He is located in
Kansas City, MO
Chewy is now available for adoption!
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