Identifying a Soft Coated
Wheaten Terrier or
Purebred at 10 Weeks
Purebred at 8 Weeks
Purebred at 4 months
Please note that with the exception of the 10 week picture
all these pictures, up to and including the 8 month pics,
are of the same dog - you can see the dramatic color
change especially between 4 and 8 months of age!
Purebred at 8 months - in the unclipped, natural state you can see why they are often
mislabeled as Old English Sheepdog and Bearded Collie mixes!
Purebred adult Wheaten in show coat -
this is what people generally think a
Wheaten looks like - dramatically
different then the Wheatens that come
into shelters and rescue!!
Purebred adult Wheaten in natural
coat - this coat has never been
Purebred adult
Wheatens that were
rescued by our group -
both 7 years of age -
female with longer
coat on left - male with
shorter coat on right.
The following are pictures of Wheatables we have either rescued or pictures of
Wheatables that have been sent to us by shelters and other rescues - hopefully these will
help you in identifying Wheatables you may come across.
12 week purebred on left -
appr. 6 month Wheatable on
Wheatens and Wheatables (mixes) can be hard to identify in a shelter environment. We
have put together this web page with many pictures to help with these identifications.

Wheatens are most often mislabeled as (blonde) Old English Sheepdogs, Bearded Collies,
Lhasa's and such longhaired breeds. Unfortunately many shelter workers and rescue
people are unfamiliar with the breed and this is why they are mislabeled.

Wheatens go through many color changes in their first year of life. They are born a dark
brown or red color with black masks and ears. Puppies are the most mislabeled as they
look nothing like the adult of the breed. In the first year of life Wheatens go through a
dramatic change in color. They go from the dark coloring of birth to sometimes a nearly
white color. As they age the color ripens and deepens and they usually reach thier adult
coloration by two years of age.

The Wheaten standard is for a height between 17 - 19" at the withers and between 30 - 40
lbs. in weight with the female being at the lower end of the scale. This will, of course, not
hold true with the Wheatables as their size will be affected by whatever breed they are
mixed with. Purebred Wheatens generally have docked tails but not always. Wheatens have
large black noses and deep brown eyes.

If you have a dog in your shelter or in your rescue that you think may be a Wheaten or
Wheatable and would like help in identifying the dog please email a picture to and I would be glad to help you in the identification.

S'Wheat Rescues is a independent rescue not affiliated with the AKC Breed Club Rescues
or any other Wheaten Rescue. As a result we are free to and do rescue the Wheatables as
well as the purebreds. Please contact us with any dog you come across in need of rescue.
We are a National group with coordinators and foster homes throughout the country.

I hope you find this website helpful - please feel free to email me with any comments or
questions you may have.
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