We are currently working on rescuing several dogs from a
commercial breeder. At this point we believe 4 females ranging in
age from 10 -2. Also one 4 month old male with a bad case of

We are looking for both fosters homes and people to donate to a
fund to treat whatever medical conditions these dogs may end up

If you are intersted in fostering, please fill out the foster
application on the main page of this website.

To donate you can either click on the link to use PayPal or mail a
check to the address below. Please make all checks out to
S'Wheat Rescues and put 'Release Fund' in the memo portion.

We will have pictures of these dogs in a few days so please
check back.

8/17 Update

A few changes. The pictures have never come through but we
will get them when we get the dogs. Every time I speak with the
breeder the info on the dogs being released gets changed,
below is the latest information I have:

Dallas - 7 year old female
Scooby - 9 year old female
Emmie - 9 year old female
Erin - 8 year old female.

I am not sure at this point if the puppy with mange is being
released as I have gotten conflicting answers. We are hoping he
will be so we can get him the treatment he needs.

8/20 Update

We are extremely pleased to announce that today we were
successful in getting all 4 female dogs released and the puppy
too!!! They are all safely here in rescue and will all be on the way
to the vet next week. I will get individual websites and pictures
online in the next day or so. Below you will find pictures of
today's rescue. They were all great in the car and loving the AC as
they had been living in outdoor building without it. The puppy
positioned himself under one vent and that is where he slept
almost the entire trip. The dogs are all in various stages of poor
health, they will all need dentals, ear and eye infections taken
care of and whatever else the vets find. The puppy is in really
poor shape, lethargic and has a runny nose as well as the
obvious skin/coat problems you will see in the pictures. We are
greatful to all of you who have donated so far for their care - they
all will need it!

For those of you who have made donations, if there is a particular
dog whose page you would like your Angel on, please email me at
rescue@wheatenterrierrescue.org with your name and the dogs

8/22 Update

Today Scooby and Erin and Roarke went to the vet. Scooby has an
eye infection, a cyst on her back that will be removed when she
gets spayed tomorrow and she will also lose a lot of her teeth.
Erin has ear infections in both ears that will be deep cleaned
when she is spayed tomorrow as well and her teeth are horrid as
well and she will be losing quite a few teeth too. The condition of
the mouths of these girls is absolutely atrocious, they must feel
sick all the time. I am surprised they were able to eat but after
tomorrow they will be on the road to recovery.

Emmie and Dallas will go in on Wednesday when I pick up Scooby
& Erin to bring them home.

Poor little Roarke is just a mess. The good news first, the vet did
several scrapings and could not find any mange mites so it looks
like he has successfully fought that off and even though his coat
looks a mess it will grow out. He does have a upper respiratory
infection and both of his ears were severly infected. He is very
lethargic and disinterested in what is going on around him which
is not good. We are doing a lot of handling and getting him to
connect with us so he takes an interest in his surroundings. He
won't get better if he just lays in a crate staring at a wall so we are
working hard at getting him to connect.

I will post an update after the other 2 have been seen by the vet
and Scooby and Erin come home.

8/23 Update

Erin and Scooby both had a rough day today with their surgeries.
The girls were in MUCH worse shape than we imagined.

Scooby lost all of her teeth from the canines back. All of her teeth
were rotten, broken, loose or just plain missing and she had
severe periodontal disease. The vet had to pull WADS of straw
that was impacted into the holes in her gums where teeth were
missing. The best we can figure is that she discovered that when
she chewed on the straw her mouth felt better as the straw filled
the holes and kept air from getting in there. When they opened
her up to spay her they found she had cysts in her ovaries and a
mammary tumor that was removed. They also removed the cyst on
her rear end. The vet said it had obviously been allowed to fill
and rupture many times and they had to go pretty deep to remove
it all. The vet could not believe she had been eating and moving
around with all the pain she must have been in with all these
things wrong with her. She is going to be miserable for a few
days and we will keep her sedated and on pain meds but when
she has recovered she will feel better than she has in many,
many years.

Erin, who we all thought was in the best shape of all of them
actually turned out to be in the most danger. The vet said she
would have been dead within a month had she not been brought
in to be spayed. Erin had the beginning stages of pyometra which
is an infection of the uterus. The vet found three large pockets of
pus in her uterues. This condition gets worse and worse without
many symptoms, then when the infection gets bad enough it gets
into the dogs bloodstream and kills them within hours. Erin was a
very lucky girl today! Erin also had one tooth that was growing
straight out of her gums and rubbing and cutting into the inside
of her lip. That tooth was removed but the others cleaned up well
and the vet was able to save them.

I do, thankfully, have very good news about Roarke. He is
responding wonderfully to the antibiotics and ear meds. His ears
already look 100% better and he spent quite awhile tonight
running around in the yard, playing with Lars, sniffing, chewing
on things and ripping up a paper wrapper he found. In other
words, acting like the Wheaten puppy he is! I think you can see in
these new pictures that he is feeling better and being more

Tomorrow Dallas and Emmie go into the vet and we will see how
bad of shape they are in. I already know that Dallas has a
mammary tumor that will have to be removed as I can see and
feel it. The new pictures were taken tonight of them and I will
update the page when I have more information on their condition.
I will get new pics of Scooby and Erin after they have had some
time to recuperate and they are feeling better.

Once again I want to thank everyone for their support. Without
your help these poor Wheatens would still be sitting out in cages
in the heat and in pain and in Erin and Roarke's cases especially,
in real peril of dying very soon. These are the babies that rescue
is all about and we would be unable to take on these type of
cases without your support both in donations, supplies and
fostering these dogs!

8/24 Update

Lots of ups and downs today for the girls. Day started off with a
phone call from the vet saying Scooby was not doing real well.
She was obviously in pain and throwing up. We decided she
would remain at the vet and Erin would come home as planned as
she seemed to be fine. Later in the afternoon I received another
phone call saying Erin was throwing up and not feeling well also
so it was decided both girls will remain hospitalized until we feel
they are feeling better and able to be home alone during the day
safely. Tonight's report had them both up and walking around in
their kennels and Scooby trying to pick a fight with the dog in the
kennel beside her which I take as a good sign.

Dallas and Emmie were taken to the vet tonight and the exams of
course found more problems. What I had thought was a mammary
tumor on Dallas turns out to be a hernia. She has been allowed to
live her whole life with her intestines literally hanging out
through a hole in her belly. The only thing holding them in is her
skin. It is absolutely amazing that she has lived this long without
something happening. Of course, the hernia will be repaired
tomorrow when she is spayed. Her teeth are filthy but the vet did
not feel they looked too awful but we won't know for sure until
they start scraping off the filth.

We are worried about Emmie. When we weighed her at the vet
she only weighed 26 lbs. A Wheaten of her size should easily
weigh 30-35 lbs. Her teeth are in absolutely horrid condition and
her gums were very red and puffy. We are hoping that this is why
she has not been eating and she is underweight. However, to be
on the safe side, we are running some blood tests on her before
they put her under to spay her to make sure that there is not
something else going on here. She also has a mammary tumor
that will be removed if they are able to spay her tomorrow. She
has an injury to the lower lid of her right eye but it is pretty much
healed so the vet felt it would do more damage to try to repair it
more at this point.

Roarke continues to do well today, getting more demanding and
wanting attention which is a good thing.

Will update tomorrow night after we find out what goes on with
the girls.

8/25 Update

Pretty much all good news for today. Erin and Scooby both came
home tonight as there was no more throwing up today. Erin was a
hit with the staff at the clinic - they all commented on how sweet
and outgoing she was for all she has been through. I did discover
tonight that Scooby is missing several pieces from the tip and
side of her tongue, don't want to think about how that might have

Emmie and Dallas had their surgery today. Dallas' hernia was
repaired. Since it was so old they repaired it by putting in
permanent sutures across the hole in her abdomen to keep the
intestines inside where they belong. In younger dogs they will cut
away edges inside and suture them together so that it heals
closed and scar tissue keeps the hernia closed. However they
felt in Dallas' case that might not work so sutures were used.
Dallas' teeth cleaned up fairly well and she did not lose any teeth.

Emmie's blood work did not show any areas of concern so the vet
went ahead with her surgery. She lost several teeth and had her
mammary tumor removed. As of this evening both were resting
comfortably and seemed to be recovering nicely. We will see how
they are tomorrow but as of now expect them both to come home
tomorrow night.

Roarke continues to do well and is rapidly recovering and
learning how to be a puppy. He is taking very well to being
spoiled rotten!

8/26 Update

Emmie and Dallas came home tonight. Thankfully neither one had
ill effects from their surgeries. They both seems to be doing fine
and they Erin, Scooby and Roarke seem to be recuperating well.

The bill came in for this first intense round of vet care:

Roarke: $104.85
Emmie: $496.28
Dallas: $337.16
Erin: $213.07
Scooby: $248.40

GRAND TOTAL: 1,399.76

Scooby and Erin still need to have their shots and they will all
have another round of checkups in a couple of weeks but I think
we are past the worst of the vet bills barring any complications.

Once again, without all of your help this rescue would not have
been possible - we, and these special dogs thank each and every
one of you who have donated to their care.

We will have individual websites and more pictures of them in a
few days.

8/30 Update

All the dogs continue to do well and are healing nicely from their

I am putting out an appeal to all of you reading this website to
consider taking one of these girls into your home. Right now I
would really like to see Emmie and Scooby find homes first as I
feel they are the neediest. I would prefer they go to forever
homes but will consider foster homes as well.

These two girls had the worst of the physical ailments and the
most invasive surgeries as you have read above. They have
suffered no complications and are healing wel and are expected
to be in good health after recovering. They are both sorely
needing some love and individual attention. With the huge influx
of dogs in the last couple of weeks we are just not able to give
them all the attention they need and deserve right now. Simply
getting all the dogs in and out, feed and watered is a full time job
at this point and I don't want to see them get depressed.

Due to their ages, both these girls will have an adoption fee of
$100 - we want them to find good homes.

Emmie gets along well with other dogs. Scooby gets along well
with some and not so well with others. She would do well as a
only dog or with a very laid back male who will let her be the boss.

All these girls have spent their lives living in outdoor cages
producing those cute little Wheaten puppies that the unknowing
public buy from petstores. We all owe them a wonderful family for
the rest of their lives where they can find out about the love and
happiness a family can bring into their lives.

We have done our part, with the help of all the Wheaten Angels
below,  by getting them out of that situation and getting them the
vet care they were in need of. Now it is up to you, the Wheaten
lover who is reading this, to take up the torch and take these
girls into the lives they deserve!

We appreciate your support in this
important rescue effort
Suzanne, Rooney & Tara
Kristin Beveridge
Connie Vancil
Karen Diehl
Robert Burke
Tigger & Kacey
Margaret M. McMahon
Susan Castle
On the way to pick them up
This is where they were living  - there were dogs being kept in both of the
buildings you see.
All loaded up - Erin on left and
Emmie on right. Emmie is shy and
reserved but friendly.
Scooby - you can see the spot on
her backside where the cyst needs
to be removed. She also has an eye
Dallas - she is a sweet, deep soul
whose eyes beg you to help her.
Definitely will need to have dental
work done.
Erin - AKA 'Ms. Personality'.
Erin is very outgoing and really enjoyed the new squeak toy - for 300 MILES!
Did not have the heart to make her stop squeaking it though. She is also very
vocal and talks alot. She is suffering from an ear infection now.
A full load!
This is sweet little Roarke. As you
can see his coat is in pretty bad
shape from the demodoctic mange
but it is growing back in. He also
has a very runny nose and eyes.
Roarke is obviously a pretty sick
little boy and we will get him the vet
care he needs. Like Dallas he has
those eyes that pierce right through
you and beg you to "Please help
Seth & Carrie Mastropaolo
Mary & Gray Stahlman
Scruffy, Casey & Hazel
Brian & Diane Spore &
Susan & Ned Glover
Ann & Dan Kaat
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Sarah Graber
Sidney & Ozzi
Valerie Light
Lacey Nix
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Mackie & Maddie in SC
Rose Lazaro
Tara & Lucas Woodland
Wally Fallon
Susan Dumond
Julie Lewit
Trista Myslinski
Veda Drummond
Jerry Schonfeld
Donna De La Rosa
Kelsie & Boomer
Kramer & the Davis
Thomas Willoughby
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August 23, 2005
August 23, 2005
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Pictures from the day they came into rescue
In Memory of Yeats
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The Braverman Family
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Holly, Winnie, Jazzy,
Redhot and Edgar
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