Phoenix is a 5 year old Purebred Male Soft Coated
Wheaten Terrier.

Phoenix was an owner release - the reason given is
they did not have enough time for him.

We were not prepared, however, for the horrid
conditions we found Phoenix in when he was picked
up. He had been living in a plastic igloo doghouse. By
the look and smell of him he had not seen a groomer
or a bath in a VERY long time. He was horribly matted.

Phoenix was taken to a vet to be shaved down and
examined and we were horrified by what was found,
he had large sores, bruises and wounds covering his
skin. His ears had been infected so badly and for so
long that the ear canals are totally sealed shut, his
eyes were infected. He was in truly bad shape. The
Veterinarian there described him as being "one of the
top 5 abuse cases I have ever seen"

It is bad enough when we get dogs in these
conditions from shelters or puppymills but when an
owner has abused a dog and allowed him to get into
such a state it is truly despicable.

Phoenix has been shaved down and cleaned up. He
has had his shots, tests on his sores and ears to find
out what type of bacteria is infecting them, etc. He is
on steroids and antibiotics to help bring down the
swelling and infection in his ears.

The rescue head, Wendy, personally flew to Arizona
on 11/23 to pick up Phoenix after a very generous
person not only donated the airline ticket but also
drove him from CA to AZ to cut a day off the drive to
bring him home to Kansas City.

Phoenix has now arrived here in KC. Even with all of
his problems he is a very sweet boy with loads of
personality who just wants to PLAY!

His medical problems are many, he underwent surgery
on 11/26 to clear his ear canals and it was discovered
that both his eardrums have ruptured from the
infection so he has some problems with balance. His
skin is very red and inflamed with scabs and old
infection scars and bleeds very easily as it is very
fragile and he also has very bad dandruff due to the
skin problems. His entire under and backside is black
and oily with infection. Both eyes are infected.

Pheeny is on the road to recovery and all of his
medical problems will clear up completely with time,
medication and a good diet to relieve his allergy
symptoms. It may take a bit of time but he will be able
to make a 100% recovery from all of these things and
become a loving, happy member of a family.

I am posting pictures here of Pheeny on the road trip
and of the condition he was in. I apologize that they
are so graphic and upsetting to some people,

The pictures in the red sweater are after the surgery.
As you can see he is feeling much better and on the
road to recovery.

Please check back for updates and for pictures of
Pheeny as he recovers and becomes the beautiful
Wheaten he truely is.

March 14, 2003 - A FOREVER HOME

Phoenix has been adopted by Jim Harding
of Las Gatos, CA

Jim is the gentleman who originally drove
Phoenix from California to Arizona when he
was coming to Kansas City for veterinary
treatment. A bond was formed between
these two guys that remained and when
Phoenix was well and ready for a home,
Jim was first in line.

Even after several months seperation,
Phoenix knew Jim immediately upon
seeing him again and as you can see in the
pictures, he just adores his new dad.

Congratulations to both Jim and Phoenix!!
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