Memorial Angels

Chance is an approx. 3 year old purebred male Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier.

He has an extremely sad story. We received a call from an Emergency
Animal Clinic saying that Animal Control had brought in a Wheaten with a
severly broken hind leg. The bone was broken completely through and the
lower half of his leg was just dangling loosely.

Animal Control said he was found tied up behind an empty house.
Apparently his previous owners left him there, with his broken leg, and just
moved away. They did not know how long he had been there but he was
infested with fleas and underweight. I hope there is a special place in hell
waiting for the people who would be this cruel to a defenseless animal!

There was a 3 day waiting period that had to be gotten through before
Chance could be treated but that has now come and past. He was x-rayed
today (10/22) and unfortunately the leg cannot be repaired. The break is too
old and there is nerve damage so the only option will be to amputate the
leg. This will be done this Sunday (10/24).

As you can imagine, Chance is going to have some large vet bills to get him
healthy enough to be adopted so we are asking for the publics help by
making donations for his care. Below you will find a PayPal link for
donations and a mailing address if you prefer to donate using that method.
A Wheaten Angel will be placed on this page for everyone who makes a
donation. Please make sure and let us know what names or message you
would like to have put under your Angel.

He is located in the Richmond Hill, GA area

Update Monday, October 25

We have some good news about Chance. A specialist took a look at his
x-rays and thinks that the leg can be repaired so we have called off the
amputation and he will have surgery tomorrow to try and fix the leg.

We will update the page with new information after the surgery.

Thursday, October 28

Chance had his surgery yesterday and came through it very well. The vet
was pleased with the outcome an believes that Chance will heal well and
be able to keep his leg. Unfortunately someone at the hospital, without
permission, shaved poor Chance completely down including his fall and
beard. Of course it will grow back in time.

These pictures were taken today and although the quality is not real great,
you can see the many staples in his leg from the surgery. The leg was both
plated and pinned and the bill so far is around $2200. Chance will spend the
next two weeks with a vet tech from the cliinic so the vet can follow his
care and recheck the leg and then he will be ready to move on to a
permanent home. If you are interested in adopting him, please fill out the
adoption application. Any adopter for Chance will have to be willing to drive
to pick him up as we will not allow him to go by air.

We will update the site with more information as it becomes available.
Thanks to all of Chance's Angels for you support!

Friday, October 29

Several people have written wanting to know what kind of care Chance will
need after leaving the animal hospital. I asked the clinic to write up a little
synopsis of what he will need and their response is below:

As Chance starts to heal, the scar tissue around the fracture site will start to
form as the healing process begins. With these fracture repairs, the dogs
usually do great and eventually end up walking with no problems. It is really up
to the individual dog on how long or short he/she recovers. In Chance's case
this dog is a real fighter! As an example, before the surery he was tolerating
the pain of still using the dangling broken leg for balance when trotting
(almost running) out to go potty. Therefore I think that his recovery process
will be shorter than a little poodle that is scared of a little bit of pain!

Chance's staples will be removed in 10-14 days. He is now on antibiotics, pain
meds and anti-inflammatories. He will stay on these meds for his entire stay in
the hospital. Chance will have to be on strict cage rest 24/7, going outside to
potty only, until his 4-6 week evaluation. After that period a post-op x-ray is
done to evaluate the healing process. If Chance's leg is properly healing then
he will be allowed to do household activities and short leash  walks. This will
probably last for about 3-4 weeks. Then after that he should be ready for slow
walking on a leash. At this time, Chance should be "toe-touching" and
gradually starting to use the leg. After this time period it is up to Chance when
he decides to use the leg on a normal basis.

For long term: Chance should be fine with normal every day doggy activities.,
i.e. running, jumping, etc.. But, it is possible that he may always walk with a
little bit ofa limp. But I think that he will be just fine and live a normal doggy

Chance was a little under weight. He weighs 45 lbs. But we have noticed that
he is a very picky eater and he will not touch dry food, but he loves the
canned. He will howl and give you sad puppy eyes after you give him dry food
until he gets what he wants. And trust me, a poor little puppy with a huge
incision and big brown eys is hard to say no to - and he knows it!


"He is doing great. He is having some skin problems, but I think it is from the
food that we have been feeding him. So, I started him on the allergy
prescription diet of  Z/D. His staples have been removed and I think they are
going to do his recheck radiographs at the end of this week. I will talk to the
Dr. tomorrow and ask him about when he thinks he will be ready to go home.
But other than that he is doing really great and everyone at the clinic really
likes him!"

11/23/04 - UPDATE

Chance is doing extremely well. He is already putting weight on the broken leg
which is WAY ahead of schedule. We are now confidant that his leg will heal
wonderfully and amputation is not a threat anymore. The clinic also reports
that he is gaining weight and looking much better. He is scheduled to have
x-rays again tomorrow to check the healing and we will update again after we
get a report from the vet after the exam. At this point it looks like Chance will
be ready to move on to a forever home the weekend of December 4, 2004 but
that is still tentative until we get the report from the vet.

12/1/04 - UPDATE

From the Clinic: We took the post-op films on Monday. The doctor is very
pleased with Chance's progress. He said there is a pin that he will need to
remove as soon as the fracture sight has healed together.  By looking at the
x-rays he said that the pin can probably be removed next week! Therefore
Chance can go to his new home in about two weeks. He is doing great and has
improved a lot with his leash training and crate training. Also, last night we
put him in the pool to get some exercise. At first he was scared but after he
got used to it he did great.


From the clinic where Chance was recuperating:

On Christmas day a rottie came into the clinic that had to have emergency
surgery because she was losing blood from a lesion on her spleen. She
needed a blood transfusion in order to survive. All of my dogs had recently
donated and weren't ready again. And that is when Chance came to the
rescue. He gave blood and was the reason Bear, the rottie, went home with
her family on Christmas day. The family was very greatful and actually sent
Chance a Christmas card! He also got to eat turkey with us.


I am pleased to report that Chance has now moved to a foster home that we
expect will be his forever home. These new pictures were taken by his
foster parents.

I would like to say a huge public thank you to Becca who is pictured with
Chance above. Without her help in contacting us and taking care of Chance
while he was recuperating this rescue would have never been possible.
While Chance has many, many Wheaten Angels who are also responsible
for helping tremendously, Becca is truly his Guardian Angel.

Below is part of the report I received yesterday from his new home:

Chance is a pretty good sized Wheaten, several inches taller than Erin, and
although Erin is very jealous right now, mostly they ignore each other. And
he is so hungry!! He ate all of his supper, then finished off what Erin had
left. This morning, I fixed them both some breakfast, and again he ate all of
his and the rest of Erin's. He does love to beg -  quietly - with big brown
eyes, and then he puts a paw up on your knee! Then he kinda huffs softly.

We all went for a short walk this morning - but as it was about 15 here, John
and I were ready to come back in after half a mile. He does not seem to be
limping very much, but I can tell it is tender. He also seems to be
housebroken, has pottied outside nicely every time we have taken him out,
no accidents in the house since last night. I think once Erin figures out he
is here to stay she will start to accept him. We will be setting up a gate
between them during the day until we know they accept each other, and
each will get half of the house. I come home for lunch and let them out.

He is very sweet, gives great kisses and loves to be loved. I think he is
going to work out for us beautifully - Lynn

March 2004 - A FOREVER HOME

Chance has been adopted by the Chapin
Family of North Carolina

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New Pictures - January 2005
Chance with his Guardian Angel Becca - she
contacted us when he came into the clinic
and was the go between during his many
months of care.
Chance sends a big THANK YOU out to all
of those who became Wheaten Angels so he
could get the surgery he needed!